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Will you perform at our event?
Yes! We accept invitations to perform for clubs, schools, events, etc… These types of shows are much appreciated as they provide us the opportunity to put money aside for our upcoming marketing and training efforts. 

Do you pay your cast members?

Nope. This is a 100% volunteer gig. We do this for the love of improv and serving our community. The proceeds from our regular shows are given to charity, and the proceeds from outside events are put into our troupe's marketing and training fund.

When can I audition for Improv Charlotte?
We do not seek to maintain a certain number of players, but to sustain a healthy atmosphere of trust, creativity and growth. Our troupe has ranged from as small as five cast members, to as large as twelve – just depending on what is best for the troupe at that time. That to say, we only have auditions on an as-needed basis and there is no way of predicting when our next audition will be.

How will I know when you're holding auditions?

Two ways: 

1) Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter  

2) Tell us you want to receive our email notifications

What is your audition process?

We hold a public, group audition. Based on what we see that night, some will receive an invitation to workshop with us for six to eight weeks. This gives everyone – workshoppers and members, alike – the time to see if our troupe will be a good fit for them.   

Do you offer public workshops?

We haven't yet, but we plan to! Please let us know if you're interested!

How do you decide which charity to benefit?

Until now, we have given our proceeds to organizations (preferably local) that we feel strongly about benefiting. For example: A Child's Place and Crisis Assistance. However, we are about to change things up! We're excited to introduce our new way of giving…  very soon. It will enable everyone involved (us, the charity, and audience members) to become more invested and excited about what we're trying to accomplish. 


Would you consider giving the proceeds from one of your shows to my charity?

Yes, and no. We have done shows in addition to our first Friday shows that benefit a requested charity. And we feel honored to do so! However, we simply do not have the time and energy to put on a show for every cause that comes our way. If you have a request, please feel free to ask! The timing might just be perfect and it works out beautifully. But we hope you will understand if it doesn't come together. We cannot say yes to everything :)


Who designed your logo?

David Eller! He is a published, award-winning graphic designer and we are thrilled with the logo he created for us. It's playful, clean and clever. It could represent the Queen City as well as three players on stage. He designs much more than logos, feel free to contact him here if you need something!


Don't see what your looking for? Ask us! 

Photo by Meredith Jones

Photos by Justin Driscoll

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